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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5 for Five

Here's another blog hop I'm doing...since it's all free, it's a great way to raise awareness!  You can see the blogs involved on the left side - just click the "5 for five" button.

This one is on Monday's (so I'm a day late) and is a list of 5 things you want to accomplish this work week.  Every Monday I report on how I did and set 5 new goals.

So for this week:

1. Write the donation letter.
I am writing a letter to local businesses to ask their help in promoting or donating to Dan's Dreams, the fundraiser I'm having to spread awareness and raise research funds for Niemann Pick Disease.

2. Finish my thank you cards.
I want to finish sending out my thank you cards to those who sent us cards last year when we lost Dan.

3. Contact the local newspapers with the letter and flyer.
Obviously if I don't get the letter done, this one doesn't get done.  But I want to contact the local newspapers and magazines to get space to promote the fundraiser.  This one may be on the list for a few weeks.

4. Cook one homemade dinner this week.
Hubby usually cooks, so for me to cook is always interesting.  And with just 2 of us it's a challenge because neither of us usually wants to cook anymore.

5. Read 10 newspapers.
What?  One of my quirks is having to read newspapers in sequence, and I am behind to mid-June!  So this one will be on the list for awhile!

Let's see how I do this week.  Next week I will let you know and add 5 new goals.


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