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Friday, April 11, 2014

Let's Make Aug 30 National Grief Awareness Day

Angie Cartwright from Good Grief Worldwide and Grief The Unspoken is trying to make August 30 National Grief Awareness Day.  This day is designed to increase awareness and education of grief of all types, not just child loss.  (There is another day for child loss.)

As I wrote on the petition page:

Grief impacts everyone. We need to express it and not hide it. We shouldn't be pressured into "being better" because there is no such thing. Everyone grieves differently, on their own timetable. We need at least one day a year when it is ok to publicly cry, shout, scream and release all the feelings we have.


Please take a minute and sign the petition.  You can also join the community on Facebook. You can also get involved by contributing a sign or a video to the National Grief Awareness Day collection.  Please take a minute to check out Good Grief Worldwide and Grief The Unspoken.  You may not realize how much grief you are holding.

Remember, this isn't just for kids.  It is day of recognition for all types of loss.


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