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Monday, February 4, 2013

5 for Five - Week 5

It's a new week! That means a new installment of 5 for Five with Jenn and Jessia!  See the blogs participating by clicking on the button on the left or below.


Last week's goals:
1. Read 20 newspapers (I will have some travel time to do this, I hope!)
         Read 15, which isn't too bad, especially since they were heavy carrying them in a carry-on bag.
2. Pack for a long weekend away (I leave bright and early Fri morning)
         Done! (Didn't really have a choice - but didn't forget anything either!)
3. Make sure hubby is all set for my weekend away.
         Made sure he had things to do and money to spend (if he wanted to).
4. Schedule some blog posts for my weekend away.
          Done!  The first 3 days of Rare Disease month were scheduled before I left.
5. Stay healthy during this trip!
          This one is still questionable - I was sneezing and coughing on the trip and even when I got home, but it may be just the change in air pressure and humidity.  Hope that is all it is!

That was a better week (although I made it real easy!)

This week's goals:
1. Read 10 newspapers
2. Trim the plants (had this on the list a few weeks ago)
3. Go grocery shopping
4. Schedule some more rare disease posts
5. Do some decluttering around the house.

Let's see if I can continue to good progress.


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