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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Smiles and Tears

When you have kids, you baby-proof.  One aspect of baby-proofing is putting latches on cabinet doors so little fingers can't open them and eat chemicals or have items everywhere.

We have one cabinet that was away from all the others.  So we decided to make that a toy cabinet.  We would put toys in there for Dan to play with and he would take them out and put them back or put other things in there...including himself!

We obviously cleared out the cabinet in the past few years.  We put random things in it and truthfully, I forgot what we put in there.  Well, Shelby found the cabinet and I found out.

Oooo...papers!  Let me see what trouble I can get into!

And then this happened.

She wouldn't let go of the Persevere bracelet.  She kept putting the decals on the floor but would not put down that bracelet.  She kept looking at it and squeezing the wrapping.  I think she knows what it is and why we have it.  No words needed.


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