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Friday, January 9, 2015

20 Day Writing Challenge: Day 5 - Invisible

This post is part of the 20 Days of Chill Writing Challenge hosted by A ‘lil HooHaa. Please check out the site if you’d like to see others or join in. And for those participating, take a moment and check out the other participants!

 How many times have you seen people get out of cars with the handicap placard who look perfectly healthy?  They can walk to the store seemingly fine.  The can carry big bulky items without an issue.
But how do you know they don't have an invisible illness?  One that qualifies them for the placard?  Or the driver is healthy, but their passenger (an elderly person or a child) isn't?
A mini van could really be a lift van that carries a person in a wheelchair.  Yes, the driver may be fine, but isn't the person who is in the wheelchair entitled to shop?  That person is the person for whom the placard is there.
Besides the driver of the truck being parking challenged....  the silver mini van carries a beautiful young woman who is wheelchair bound due to a neurologically regressive disease.  That mini van has a lift in it so she can get into and out of the car to get to doctor appointments.  This photo was actually in the hospital parking lot.
So the next time you see a seemingly healthy person get out of a vehicle that is parked in a marked handicapped spot, please realize it isn't all about them.


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