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Monday, October 15, 2012

Unusual Awareness

October is Niemann Pick Disease Awareness Month.

 Many families and friends find their own ways to publicize Niemann Pick Diseases.  These events are as different as the families.  And don't forget about the NNPDF Challenge too!

Here are a few:

Skype Video  on Moms Everyday, a tv show in Texas
Part 1, Part 2

Scentsy Party - click the Niemann Pick Party.  The party host is hoping to donate 1000 Scentsy Buddies to the NNPDF.

Dinner Out at a local restaurant.  This family is the first one we met when we got to Nashville.

Good Housekeeping Article.  The Hempel family has been on the forefront in getting rare diseases noticed and funding for all of them.


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