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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Beautiful Trip

Before Dan was born, hubby and I would take random weekend trips.  Some were just day trips, others were for the weekend.  We would typically go "off-season" so it wasn't as expensive or as crowded.  Yes, there were sometimes that we missed some things because they were closed - it was off season after all.

As anyone with a child knows, it becomes difficult to travel - diapers, formula, toys and lots and lots of clothes.  So we put our weekend wanders on hold.

After our trip to Nashville this summer for the NNPDF conference, we realized how much we have missed our weekend wandering.  So.....

About 6 weeks ago, a fellow Niemann-Pick angel mom posted in her blog that she was planning on spending about 4 weeks in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  Since Nantucket is only about 4 hours by car away, it made for a perfect weekend trip.  So I contacted Shannon Laffoon and we decided that yesterday was the best day for a visit.

We got up early and drove out to Hyannis, Massachusetts.  There are only a few ways to get to the island of Nantucket - ferry or plane.  We opted for the ferry.  We took the noontime high speed ferry, which was an hour trip.  When we got off the ferry, we met Shannon and shared some hugs.

We had a beautiful sunny day, about 40-45 degrees to go wander the island.  We first grabbed some lunch and talked about our beautiful children.  Shannon blessed us with Wylder Nation wristbands, in memory of her Warrior, Wylder.

Wylder Nation 

 We walked around part of the island - looking at architecture, talking about all sorts of things.  We wandered out to a lighthouse

It was a bit windy so instead of walking around the beach we went and had some hot drinks.  As we headed back to the afternoon ferry, we stopped to take a picture of the floating Christmas tree.

And to prove that we really did spend the weekend together, we asked someone to take a picture of us with the Christmas tree

We had a wonderful visit and I am thrilled that we had a chance to meet Shannon and help with her healing journey.


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