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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ducks for Bucks - a fun way to help

What is Ducks for Bucks?
Ducks for Bucks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created in memory of Breann Chavez who passed away at the age of three from Niemann-Pick Disease, type C (NPD-C).  All money raised goes directly into the hands of families caring for children with NP-C, so they can personally apply it towards their greatest need at the time.
Our goal is to raise money for families who are still in the fight against this terrible disease.  Families faced with NP-C are looking at a very short amount of time with their child.  We would like to help them alleviate some of their financial burden so they can focus on enjoying the few years they have with their child.

Over the past few year Ducks for Bucks has had the privilege of helping these families with equipment needs, medical bills, and sadly, even funeral expenses. We also help provide travel expenses, allowing families to get to the Annual Niemann-Pick Disease Family Conference.  Here, families can network with other families and share ideas for caring for their terminally ill children.  With all the different complications associated with this disease, and because of the lack of experience most doctos have with this rare disease, this service becomes a life line for many families.

Ducks for Bucks also works together with the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation to help provide an  Equipment Exchange Program for NPD families. This program allows families to share costly equipment that they no longer need with other families who can benefit from the equipment.  http://www.nnpdf.org/familyservices_09.html

 How to Help?
The first Saturday of every June, we have our Annual Family Fun Day.  This is a day where we raise both awareness and money for our families.  It is held at Wines of the San Juan in Turley, NM (30 miles east of Farmington)  from 12-5pm.   There is live music, wine tasting, food, carnival games, horse riding, a silent auction, raffles, and everyone's favorite -The Dainty Duck Dash.  This rubber duck race is a local favorite with a $1000 first place prize.  We are always looking for sponsors to make this event possible.  If you would like to be a sponsor for this event or would like to pass the information on to you someone, you can download this year's brochure.

2013 Bucks for Bucks Brochure

All sponsors are fully recognized on day of the event.  If you are interested please let us know right away so we can be sure to recognize you on the posters and shirts.   You may also contact us by email



   Buy a Duck - The Dainty Duck Dash is a rubber duck race that takes place at our Annual Family Fun Awareness Day.  Ducks are $5 each.  Ducks race in heats of 250 ducks at a time.  Winner of each heat qualifies for the final race.

1st place - $1000
2nd place - $500
3rd place $250

 For More information on Ducks for Bucks, see their website at www.ducksforbucks.org



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