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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving 5 for 5

This is going so well, I might as well continue it!  That means a new installment of 5 for Five with Jenn and Jessica!  See the blogs participating by clicking on the button on the left.

Last weeks goals:

1. Write opinion letters to the 3 local newspapers.  Didn't get this done.
2. Cook one homemade meal this week.  Sort of.  Hubby and I together put together dinner using this Kraft meal starter with boneless pork ribs.  These are easy to use...open the bag, mix the contents, get your meat wet so the mixture sticks (using water or egg), put the meat in the bag to coat, put on a baking sheet and bake.  There are different flavors too.

3. Read 10 newspapers.  Didn't even get this one started.

4. Organize my coupons. - With some help from my hubby, got this done!

5. Exercise 20 minutes two times this week. - Total fail! But hubby didn't feel good most of the week and I must have caught it near the end of the week.

Yeah, this was a pretty bad week (1.5/5).

This week's goals:

1. Plaster Facebook/LinkedIn/Google with Dan's Dream's Flyer.

2. Enjoy my 20th High School Reunion (and take a bunch of pictures!)
     When some classmates contacted me over a year ago about helping find classmates (since I live more than 3 hours away from my hometown), I really didn't know if I was going to make it to the reunion because Dan was just starting to get real sick.  I didn't know if he would be able to travel and I wasn't going to go that far away in case something happened.  I didn't know if I felt comfortable leaving him with someone else overnight.  But now, I'm actually looking forward to going.

3. Read 10 newspapers.

4. Finish writing my thank you notes from a few weeks ago. (I was 85% done! Hopefully I can get the other 15% done this week!)

5. Write the opinion letters to the newspapers. (Let's try this one again!)


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