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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wildwood Inn

My dear husband has a knack for finding interesting cozy little places to go.

So as we were planning our drive to Tennessee for the NNPDF conference, he found this cute little theme suite hotel.  We looked at the pictures, read reviews, and planned when we were going to go.

After about 11-12  hours of driving, we stopped at the Wildwood Inn in Florence, Kentucky.  We didn't make a reservation because we didn't know if we would stop on our way down or on our way back.  I walked in and was greeted warmly and the young woman at the desk opened a brochure and pointed out the theme rooms that were still available that night.

We chose the Venetian Room.  Most theme rooms have spas/hot tubs.  Unfortunately, we were too exhausted to use the hot tub.

When we walked in, we were immediately amazed by the wonderful artistic work on the walls.  Yes, it was entirely painted.

The floor around the bed was a cushiony blue and looked like water.  The rest of the room was tiled.

 (This is the side view of the bed...note how low it is to the ground!)

The bathroom was a bit small, but fully functional. 

The next morning there was a small continental breakfast, with fruit, cereal, coffee, make your own waffles, danish, bread, and juice. They also have basic/standard rooms and a game room, a lounge, a sauna, an indoor pool and hot tub in the main building (also called the Tropical Dome).

Below are the pictures we took of the room.  If we ever pass this way again, we would definitely stay there again, but in a different theme room!

(A front view of the bed.  The post and lights, chairs and tables are real, but the water and other boats are all painted.)

The hot tub.  The columns and chairs and table are real, the rest is paint.

The door to the bathroom and the alcove for our suitcase.  You can see the ceiling in this picture a bit.

The small fridge and microwave in the cabinet on the right, the tv in the cabinet on the left.  The room door is there somewhere!

Me sitting on the edge of the hot tub.
 My husband, Faron sitting at one of the tables. 

The entrance to the Safari Village, which had huts that could be rented.

The exterior of the huts in the Safari village.


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