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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Memory

October is Niemann Pick Disease Awareness Month.

Today is a difficult day for the Lopez family.  It was one year ago when they lost their Gavin to NPC.  Kristen, Gavin's mom, had started a blog which we had followed daily during Gavin's last few weeks.  Kristen has continued the blog as a place to put her feelings and emotions.  Although made a few years ago, here is a video of Gavin.

Although I have never met Kristen and her family, I feel close to her....we are walking the same path at the same time.

Four years ago yesterday, little Riley Corbitt became an angel.  See her video.

Here is a (non-comprehensive) list of those who have been lost to all Niemann Pick Diseases.  Please take a minute and read through this list and say a quick prayer for comfort for these families.

Here are some pictures of those who have Niemann Pick Disease. There are 12 pages, and it is not a complete compilation.

Memorial Services at the NNPDF Conferences:
2012 in Nashville, TN
2011 in  Norfolk, VA
2010 in Toronto, Canada
2009 in Seattle, WA
2008 in Atlanta, GA


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