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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kid Friendly Ways to Promote Awareness

October is Niemann Pick Disease Awareness Month.

I've posted about Goodsearch.  I've posted other easy ways to promote awareness.  Here are some easy kid friendly ways.  Obviously, don't think these are the only options out there.  If you have an idea, do it!

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Ideas

These are "tried and true" activities that have been done by NNPDF families and supporters to raise awareness and funds, all while having fun with the kids!

1. Have a lemonade stand or sell outgrown books and toys or have a bake sale to raise money for research.
2. Have a backyard carnival with lawn games, water games, contests, etc., to bring the neighborhood together in support of those affected by Niemann-Pick Disease.
3. When hosting a birthday party, ask that guests make a donation to the foundation in honor of the birthday child in lieu of bringing gifts.
4. Have a walk-a-thon or a bowl-a-thon and pizza party with proceeds to benefit the NNPDF.
5. In cooperation with a local ball club (or other sports team), sell tickets to a game with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the NNPDF in honor of a local child affected by NPD.


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