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Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday - 5 for 5

It's Monday!  That means a new installment of 5 for Five with Jenn and Jessica!  See the blogs participating by clicking on the button on the left.

 So what were last week's goals?

1. Write the donation letter. Done!  Donation request letter and press release both completed!

2. Finish my thank you cards.  All my cards for sympathy cards and mass cards are completed and mailed. Still have a few for those who attended Dan's services (who didn't send a card).  So I would say 85% complete.

3. Contact the local newspapers with the letter and flyer.  I sort of cheated on this one.  I had made contact with one of the newspaper type magazines before I wrote this list.  The flyer is in their November edition, which I received in the mail on Saturday.  I also provided the donation letter, flyer and press release to one of the local mommy blogs/magazines.  But I still have more to do.

4. Cook one homemade dinner this week.  Success!!  I used this recipe for chicken drumsticks, but halved it because we didn't want leftovers.  I added some leftover stuffed mushrooms and some sauteed yellow squash (cut lengthwise) in extra virgin olive oil.  If I let the drumsticks marinate more than an hour (and fully thawed!) they probably would have had more flavor.  Some of the squash was really sweet (which is what I wanted), but I was afraid of letting them cook too long.

5. Read 10 newspapers.  I've read 3.

Ok, so what are this week's goals?

1. Write opinion letters to the 3 local newspapers.
I need to keep the publicity going, so this is the next step.  Some sort of awareness item will be on the list until the fundraiser on December 9.

2. Cook one homemade meal this week.

3. Read 10 newspapers.

4. Organize my coupons.
I have a lot of coupons that I need to organize for our use and to trade with others.

5. Exercise 20 minutes two times this week.
Walking to and from the office to the bus does not count.


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