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Friday, December 14, 2012

My Christmas Wish List

With about 10 days to Christmas, I figured it was time to put together my wish list.

So here it is:

1. New straps for my pocketbook.

I have this AMAZING Butler Bag that I bought from Avon a few years ago but the straps are tearing.  I've tried other Butler Bags but they aren't the same...this one is the one that I love!!!  Someone told me there is a woman who does leather work near me, but I haven't had the time to take the bag there and I have no clue how much it will cost.  I know where the building is, but don't know any contact info for her.  I've seen her work - which is great! - but I just haven't gotten there....


2. A Stocking that Says Mom

Ever since I was a little kid, I had a stocking with my name on it.  When I moved out, my parents gave it to me.  When I got married and became a mom to step-sons, I kept it because that is what they called me.  When Dan was born, we couldn't find any place that makes them.  I'm not talking about a mass marketer - I'm talking about those little booths in the middle of the mall that pop up this time of year.  Well, we couldn't find one that had stockings that they would add the gluey glitter to.  So I never got one.  For some reason, it's bothering me this year.

This one is a dream wish, but you have to have one right?
3. The money and the time to travel the US and Canada visiting NPD families and giving them a caregiving break.

Hubby and I have talked about just taking off and traveling around the US and Canada visiting other NPD families.  While there, we would send the parents out for some alone time.  As caregivers to children with these diseases, there is no "downtime".  Even if parents have nursing care or other assistance, the parents are always "on".  Leaving your children with others, even if you have to, is a scary thought.  But we hope that as NPD parents ourselves, other parents would be more comfortable leaving their children with us - even if it was just for a few hours to get dinner out and a movie.

So there is my Christmas list.  This week's installment of Bloggers for Christmas.

Bloggers for Christmas


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