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Monday, January 7, 2013

5 for 5 - 2013 Week 1

It's Monday! That means a new installment of 5 for Five with Jenn and Jessica!  See the blogs participating by clicking on the button on the left or below.


Last week's goals:
1. Read 10 newspapers.
     Done!  Read 16 (another 2 weeks worth!!)
2. Get coupons organized.
     Nope.  I added to the pile without organizing them...
3. Rest a bit more.
     Done!  Had 2 days off last week which really helped me kick this flu.
4. Write 3 more posts this week. 
     Done!  See them here, here and here
5.  Clean out my closet.
     I put the clothes that were on the floor into a bag.  So I will give myself a quarter.

 3 1/4 isn't too bad..... here's hoping next week is better.

This week's goals:
1. Read 10 newspapers. I will get caught up!
2. Get coupons organized.  There were lots of coupons in  yesterday's paper, so I really have to do it.
3. Continue cleaning out my closet.
4. Make my reservations for Milwaukee in early February.
5. Write 3 more posts this week.


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