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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Word

Late last year, I saw a series of words from friends on Facebook and a link

After the difficult year I had last year, I wanted to focus on something.  So I thought about it and made these two posts on my Facebook page on January 1:

My goal for 2012?  To be a teacher and an advocate in my own way for all those kids and parents with special needs that need help.  Special needs are not illnesses and are not contagious, so we need to teach others too.  Will you join me in any way you can?  (commitment not needed now, but consider it).

My word?  Helpful.

I think I was helpful.  I started this blog. I continued my Facebook group for those with special needs. I held a fundraiser.  I supported others. I wrote a couple of magazine articles.  Only my friends and family can tell me if I really was helpful.

One of the other mothers who has lost her son to Niemann-Pick, Type A, posted her word on her blog the other day.  And I do understand where she and her family are coming from. 

So what is my word for 2013?  



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