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Friday, May 31, 2013

Wild Weather

In the past 10 days we have had some wild, wild weather.

One week before Memorial Day, we had some severe thunderstorms overnight.  These storms woke us in the middle of the night with a large clap of thunder and a bright streak of lightening.  The lightening struck a tree outside the house and traveled through an electric conduit and popped one breaker, popped a few GFI outlets in the house, sizzled our carbon monoxide/propane sensor and sizzled our cordless telephone base.  Overall, minimal damage considering what could have happened.

The next day was bright, sunny, and summer hot!

By Memorial Day weekend, it was rainy, damp, and cold for May. You can see this from my post here.

About 3 hours north of me in the Adirondack Mountains one of the ski places had almost 3 feet of snow!

Then on Wednesday night we had 2 tornadoes come through near where I live. They missed us, but we did hear and see some of the thunderstorms that caused the tornadoes.

And today, it's expected to be about 90 degrees.

Looks like Mother Nature can't make up her mind.


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