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Monday, September 30, 2013

5 for Five - Sept 30

Here is the next installment of 5 for Five with Jenn at Party of One.

So what is 5 For Five?  In the short form, it is 5 goals you want to achieve this week.  Next week, I will report on my success (or failure).  Jenn does a better job of explaining it here.

Here were last week's goals:
1. Read more newspapers. Total fail. I maybe read one.
2. No daytime naps. I didn't nap, but I went back to sleep every morning, so this is a fail too.
3. Create a Shutterfly book. Done. Not ordered yet, but it is created.
4. Finish some NNPDF things. I got some small things done, but not the larger things, but still a success.
5. Do more organizing. Nope.

Ok, so what are my goals for this week?

1. Read more newspapers.
2. Redesign the blog.
3. Figure out which dress clothes fit to return to work next week.
4. Stay up all day, what would be a work schedule.
5. Make sure Daddy is all set to care for Ms. Shelby

Anyone want to join me in making some goals?  How did everyone do with their goals from last week?
So what are you planning for this week?  Feel free to post them below if you want.


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