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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Groceries for less

I usually don't post my grocery shopping trips, but I had to share this one. All of these deals ended yesterday, which is when I went shopping. Thanks to I Am That Lady and The Saratoga Saver for coupon links and matchups.

  • 6 boxes of Ronzoni pasta (Smart Taste and Garden Delight) on sale for $6 ($1 each).  I used two $1/1 coupons and 2 $1/2 coupons.
  • Cracker Barrell brick of cheese for $3.29 (not on sale, but used a $0.75 Catalina coupon)
  • 4 Dole fruit bowls on sale for $2.50 each. Used two $0.50/2 coupons.
  • 2 Hood sour cream for $2.19 each (not on sale, but used a $0.75 store coupon on each)
  • 2 McCormick turkey gravy on sale for $1 each
  • 2 McCormick brown gravy on sale for $0.75 each
  • 2 Campbell's Homestyle Soup on sale for $1.50 each. I used two $1/1 coupons.
  • 2 bags Lay's Potato Chips on sale for $2 each.  I had an in ad coupon for $1 off and an electronic coupon for another $1 off.
  • 8 Banquet brown and serve breakfast sausage on sale for $0.77 each.
  • 7 Campbell's Gravy cans on sale for $0.60 each
  • 3 Swanson Broth cans on sale for $0.60 each
  • 2 Sunny D on sale for $1 each.  I used two $1/1 coupons.
  • 6 Campbell's Chunky soup on sale for $1.50 each.  I used $1 coupon and a $0.60 coupons.
  • 15 Campbell's condensed soups (including some cream soups and some "Great for Cooking" soups) on sale for $1 each.  I used three $0.40 coupons.
  • 2 Gerber Puffs (baby food) on sale for $2 each. I used $1/2 coupon
  • 2 bags of Kibbles n Bits dog food (16 lb) on sale for $9.99 each.  I used two $1.50/1 coupons

I used $4.50 in Catalina savings from prior trips and had six reusable bags (at $0.03 each).  This store automatically doubles coupons under $1 and offered the doubling of two $1 coupons. 

Total paid was $69.18.  Total saved was $88.46!

This store also offered Catalina savings for purchasing certain items. I earned $10.50 in savings coupons on each bag of dog food, the broth/gravy, the baby food, the fruit bowls, the soup, the pasta, and the gravy packets/Sunny D/condensed soups.


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