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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Simple Way to Make Someone's Day

I have written about many people with Niemann Pick Disease. Unfortunately, most of the time I'm writing about when they become angels.

This post is different. I am writing about a young boy who loves to receive mail.

Isaiah Adkins (Zay) is 10-year old boy who lives in Kentucky. Although he still has a lot of fight left in him, he is past the point of treatments making a noticable difference. You can read more about Isaiah here.

His family operated a hot dog stand and catering service in order to raise funds to get Isaiah some treatment. Unfortunately, he won't be receiving the treatments they tried to get him. You can read a newspaper article here.

But Isaiah loves to receive mail. You can mail him postcards and letters to the address below. Some of his his favorite things are, stuffed animals, and/or stuffed super hero's, power rangers, room temp sprite, chocolate pudding, gold fish crackers... and cotton candy. Isaiah also has a 12 year old sister. If you do write him, please keep it upbeat and do not mention Niemann Pick.

Isaiah Adkins
2216 Highlawn Ave
Ashland, Ky 41101

Can you spare a couple of dollars and a couple of minutes to send him some love and help brighten his day?


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