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Monday, January 5, 2015

20 Days of Writing: Day 1 - Spilled Milk

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In the nursing mom world, spilled milk is the worst thing that can happen. Spilling the liquid gold that your body produces for your little one is precious.

But every nursing mom has had it happen at least once.  It could happen at work when pouring the milk from the catch bottle to a storage bag (which I did - all over the floor under my desk).  It could happen at home at the counter when pouring it from the storage bag to a bottle (which I also have done), or dropping a full bottle on the floor before giving it to your child (which I thankfully haven't done).

Since breastmilk is a supply/demand system, your body produces it when it thinks it is needed, so when you pump or when  your child nurses.  You can't recover what was spilled.

The first time I spilled milk, I did cry - because as nursing moms you are trained that you can't waste any bit of that liquid gold.  The second time I spilled milk, I kicked myself, but realized life would go on.  Because life does go on.  And unfortunately one day you won't have to worry about spilling milk because your child won't be drinking the liquid gold.  So there is really no need to cry over spilled milk.  Yes, you can't get it back, but your child will not miss it.  Clean it up and pump or nurse some more.  It will do your body good.

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