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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I never really had good friends when I was in school.  I was too smart and kept to myself.  In college I came out of my shell a bit (thanks to those crazy theatre folks in Stage III!).  I never really considered myself as having those "good friends" who I could really talk to.  I had a few during school, and they are still around - thanks Greg, Shannon, Kelli!! - but they were few and far between.

In the past few days I have had two - yes two! - really great afternoons with two totally different people, both of whom I have met only in the past few years, and both of whom I consider good friends.

Given my life, I should have learned to expect the unexpected, but it just dawned on me that I consider these two really good friends.  So thank you Joni and Alison for some wonderful conversations and true relaxing time.

I also count several people who I have only met online or talked to on the phone as good friends too...some who have lost children, others who haven't.  So thank you to you as well - Kristen, Shannon.

Hmmm...looking at this post again....the Shannon from my years growing up is different than the Shannon now...but interesting how the names are the same.


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