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Friday, September 21, 2012

A flood of angelverseries

Scrolling through the Facebook postings of my Niemann-Pick family, I found an interesting series of events

Event 1
I came across a beautiful picture of Trek Atlas Ingram.  Trek's mom, Chelsea, commented that it had been 3 months today (the 21st) since Trek passed away from Niemann-Pick Type A. 

Chelsea has been blogging about Trek and the rest of the family, traveling around the world here

Jarrett, Trek's dad, has published one book, and is currently working on another, that celebrate Trek's life.  Information on his books is here.

Event 2
Underneath the picture, Shannon Laffoon commented that it had been 2 months yesterday (the 20th) that her Warrior, Wylder James passed away from Niemann-Pick Type A. 

Shannon, Wylder's mom, has also been blogging about her life with Wylder and her ambitions for the future.  Her blog is here.

Shannon has also published a book, and has other Wylder Nation items for sale here.

Event 3
Further underneath the picture, Chip Bourgeault commented that it had been 6 months tomorrow (the 22nd) for his daughter Kaitlyn, who also passed away from Niemann-Pick Type A.

Many of you may have read Kaitlyn's Korner, the blog that Deanna, Kaitlyn's mom, wrote for many years.

Please take a moment and remember these three families as their little ones have angelverseries.  The feelings and emotions are still very raw and the families are still trying to find their "place in the world".


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