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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Save Money and Raise Money

October is Niemann Pick Disease Awareness Month.

Who isn't up for saving money?  Now you can save money at the grocery store and with some online coupons and help raise funds for NNPDF.  So how can you do both?

Well, sign up for Common Kindness and select the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation as the charity.  Use this link to make it easier: National Niemann-pick Disease Foundation - CommonKindness

How much money goes to my favorite charities and causes?
It is really up to you! Each time you redeem a coupon, the brand that posted it pays CommonKindness an advertising fee. CommonKindness shares 20% - 66% of funds received with charities.
What does it cost to become a member of CommonKindness?
Not a cent! CommonKindness membership and access to the website's resources are completely free. In addition, you save money while your favorite charities earn money every time you clip coupons on CommonKindness.

Is this tax deductable?
There is not an opportunity for an individual to receive a tax donation. CommonKindness makes all donations directly to the charity you have chosen.

The link to Common Kindness is also on the right sidebar at the bottom under "Help the NNPDF".


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