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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Random Musings

This is how I feel right now:


Let's see if I can make some sense of these lines.....

1. I wrote my first guest post!  You can read it at Sara Sherrell.  Here is a sneak peek:
In this holiday season, there are a lot of advertisements and wish lists for things.  The latest video game, the hottest toy, the newest piece of electronics.  But what happens when those items are no longer popular or break? The holidays are a good time to evaluate what you need and what you want.
2. I absolutely HATE, HATE being sick!!  I had a sinus infection in mid-November and got rid of that.  But I haven't been able to knock this cough and tired feeling and cold chills since then.

3. Christmas was quiet for us.  Found those last minute gifts and went to my parents for a Christmas dinner.

4. We are supposed to be getting our first major winter storm in a few years.  Possibly up to 12 inches.  It has already started as I write this.

5. I finally tallied all the donations from Dan's Dreams, the fundraiser I had to raise awareness and research funds for Niemann-Pick Diseases.  We raised about $2,200!!!

6. I don't want to go back to work. :-(  I had a nice 4-day weekend and then another day working from home.  It's back to the office for 2 days (unless the storm says otherwise) and then another 4-day weekend.


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