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Monday, December 31, 2012

Special New Year's 5 for 5

Jessica and Jenn are having a special installment of 5 for 5 this week - 5 goals for the new year!
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2013 Goals

1. Get myself organized again. 
(this disappeared after Dan died)
2. Use my juicer more.  
(we got it for Dan to make sure he had good juice and we did use it, but obviously not much lately)
3. Evaluate the job situation. 
(the stress and bs is getting to be too much)
4. Read more books. 
(one of my favorite things to do)
5. Pay off some bills.
 (We all have them don't we?)

And here were last week's goals (the last week of the year):

1. Rest while I have a few days off.
I took full advantage of a 4 day weekend over Christmas and 
then the flu made me rest for the rest of the week.

2. Make fresh juice twice this week.
Nope....just didn't have enough energy with the flu this week.
Probably would have been better than the store bought OJ.

3. Read 10 newspapers.
I read 16 newspapers!  That is 2 weeks worth!
Amazing what can be done when you don't have any energy for anything else.

4. Finish wrapping presents.
Done!  How could it not be?  
Christmas wrapped and so were the ones for the birthday yesterday.

5. Get my coupons organized. 
Nope.  Again the flu got the best of me.

This week's goals

1. Read 10 newspapers.
2. Get coupons organized.
3. Rest a bit more.
4. Write 3 more posts this week.
5.  Clean out my closet.


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