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Monday, January 13, 2014

5 for Five - Jan 13


So what is 5 For Five? In the short form, it is 5 goals you want to achieve this week. Next week, I will report on my success (or failure). Jenn does a better job of explaining it here.

Here were the goals from before Christmas:
1. Tackle some of Crystal's 7-Day Challenge!  I only have one more day to blog about and I am really thinking about these daily challenges and how to implement them.
2. Re-read the preview version of her book and start implementing the ideas. I will be posting a review of the book by the end of the week with a link to pre-order the book and get over $125 of freebies!
3. Read some newspapers. Nope, didn't happen this week.
4. Enjoy watching Shelby explore her world. Oh yes! From doing pushups to holding a bottle and making faces while trying new foods....I'm enjoying all these little minutes.
5. Do some NNPDF work. Had several conference calls and multiple emails.  This is the busy part of the year, so the next few weeks will have this item on it.  It is a guaranteed item to do, so I know I will at least get one item done each week.

Ok, so I definitely did 2 items, and although I don't have anything to show for 2 more, I will call them a partial success.

So what are my goals for this week???
1. Start organizing the tax documents.
2. Finish putting the Christmas stuff away.  Yes, some of it is still out, but we took it out just a few days before Christmas.
3.Implement some of the Say Goodbye to Survival Mode ideas.
4. Enjoy watching Shelby explore her world.
5. Do some NNPDF work.

Ok, who is with me?  Let's start off the year with some goals and keep each other on track to a better year!


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