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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

5 for Five - Jan 20


So what is 5 For Five? In the short form, it is 5 goals you want to achieve this week. Next week, I will report on my success (or failure). Jenn does a better job of explaining it here.

Here were the goals from last week:
1. Start organizing the tax documents. I know what documents I have received and I know which documents I still need.  I already have the software.
2. Finish putting the Christmas stuff away.  Yes, some of it is still out, but we took it out just a few days before Christmas. With some help from my hubby it is all put away.
3. Implement some of the Say Goodbye to Survival Mode ideas. I wrote about the book yesterday and have started to implement some of the ideas - at least in my mind.
4. Enjoy watching Shelby explore her world.  She is starting to reach for her toes and is amazed at all the places we bring her and her surroundings.
5. Do some NNPDF work. Got quite a bit done.

I'm calling this week a success!!!

So what are my goals for this week???
1. Read 2 newspapers per day (a SMART goal from Say Goodbye to Survival Mode)
2. Write 3 blog entries this week (another SMART goal)
3. Use my 2 free evenings this week productively.
4. Spend time enjoying Shelby.
5. Wash the next sized clothes for Shelby.

Ok, who is with me?  Let's keep each other on track to a better year!


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