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Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby Wearing

One of many things we learned with Dan was that strollers don't fit everywhere and being able to carry him became very important.

We had an Infantino carrier with Dan and neither one of us liked it and we really couldn't get comfortable in in.

So when Shelby was born I went looking for a wrap style carrier to carry her around in. I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I didn't know if I would really feel comfortable. I also knew that we would be traveling around alot due to Elks commitments, so carrying her was going to be very important.

I was able to find a used Sleepy stretchy wrap that someone was selling in one of the online garage sale sites. Sleepy wraps are hard to find now that they are called Boba Wrap.

I became hooked. Here I am carrying her in it in October:

That wrap went everywhere with us. Out to dinner, around the Lodge, working bingo....everywhere. It only took me a few minutes to get it wrapped around me and her nice and comfy. People were amazed at how quickly I could wrap this long piece of fabric around me so quickly and have a nice secure place for Shelby to nap.

But now that she is getting more and more active and nosy - she wants to hold things with hands and wants to see everything and touch everything - the stretchy material doesn't work well to hold her on my hip.

So I went looking again. After talking with a bunch of people, I decided to go with a ring sling. A local store was having a demo and giveaway of a Maya Wrap.

I didn't win the giveaway, but I was able to try one on. It felt comfortable and Shelby was incredibly happy to have both her hands free and to be able to look around and be interactive. She also can still snuggle into me if she gets tired and she is still securely wrapped around me and I have my hands free. It is a bit easier to use, so maybe daddy will give it a try too.

The best thing is that the Maya Wrap has a bunch of ways to carry her and she can stay in it until she is 35 pounds! (She's about 13 right now, so that gives me plenty of time to carry her!)

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