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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Christmas In July

The Northeast Bloggers Network hosted a Christmas in July party with Secret Santas.  Those members of the Network interested in participating signed up and then were assigned another blogger to be the Santa for.
The Santa was supposed to review their blog and any other social media accounts that they had to "get to know" them.  Once you "got to know" your recipient, you went out and purchased items that reflected who they are and mailed them  to the recipient.

So what did I get?

My Santa was Anne from Mermaid Rambles in Massachusetts.

She wrote me a little note and told me that her last name means "Rainbow"!  How perfect!

She also realized that Shelby's birthday was coming up soon, so she sent along a little birthday present.

I think she did a wonderful job of playing Santa!

What a beautiful colorful orange and teal sea shell head band for Shelby!

An absolutely beautiful rainbow necklace with a letter "D" charm.

Thank you so much Anne and hope you had a great Secret Santa gift too!


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