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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Five for 5 - Nov 17

So what is 5 For Five? In the short form, it is 5 goals I want to achieve this week. Next week, I will report on my success (or failure).

Here were the goals from last week:
1. Read the newspapers until July 10. Didn't get to this date, but did read a few.
2. Spend time with Shelby showing her pictures of Dan. Shelby loves looking at the Shutterfly photobooks and can easily identify Dan in pictures.
3. Go through the toy piles to find new toys for her.  I found a few toys that Shelby will be getting for Christmas from the toy pile.
4. Plan my Jamberry Holiday sales.  The Jamberry holiday sales will be announced on Friday, Nov 21, and I will be offering some additional incentives.
5. Clean off the kitchen table and get a bit organized again. Just did not happen.

A so-so week! So what are my goals for this week???

So here are my SMART goals for this week:
1. Read the newspapers to July 12.
2. Clean off the kitchen table.
3. Organize my Jamberry supplies.  You can keep up with my sales on Facebook, on this blog, and at my Jamberry website.
4. Pre-write a few blog posts.
5. Clean out the coupons thoroughly!

This is the Jamberry holiday gift set: 3 exclusive wraps and an application kit for $45 (which is available until December 10)

You are probably wondering what a SMART goal is.  It is a term I "borrowed" from Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom.  SMART goals are: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.  Since all these goals are really time-bound (1 week), I just have to get better at meeting the other criteria.

Ok, who is with me?  Let's keep each other on track to a better year!

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