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Friday, December 19, 2014

Finally Home

When Dan died 3 years ago, the only things we knew were which funeral home we were going to use and that he was going to be cremated and brought home because he had never been left alone during his lifetime and we were weren't going to leave him alone in death.

Fast forward 3 years.  Dan's ashes were still in the tin and cardboard box they came in from the funeral home.  We wrapped the box in a baby blanket and changed the blanket periodically.  Every night we would bring him from his shelf into our bedroom.

We couldn't really decide what type of urn we wanted to get and the ones that we really liked were either too small or were several hundred dollars. 

Well for Christmas 2014 Dan has a permanent home.

My Jamberry earnings were used to pay for this beautiful Dance of Life urn.

So to everyone who has ordered something from me since August, I thank you.  And Shelby gave Dan's ashes a kiss before we placed them in the urn.


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