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Monday, March 9, 2015

March goals (and an update on February)

This year I am going to do monthly goals instead of weekly.  But I will still follow the same pattern, reporting back how well I did.

So my February goals were:
1. Finish the draft blog posts. Nope.
2. Go back and finish some of the writing challenge posts, even though the Challenge was to write them that day. Nope.
3. Clean up some of the clutter on the blog page. Nope.
Didn't even blog much in February

1. Expand my team. Yes, added 1 team member.
2. Get a promotion. Promoted back to where I was, so I'll take it.
3. Use my Jamberry commissions to purchase the next item on the household wish list. Not exactly on the wish list, but used the commissions for the airfare for the NNPDF board meeting.

1. Read the newspapers through the end of September. Got through August.
2. Finish cleaning Dan's room. Nope.
3. Take care of some Elk and NNPDF items. Oh yes, this has been all consuming!

Here are my goals for March:
1. Write at least 1 post a week.
2. Finish some of the old posts
3. Clean up the sidebar.

1. Help my team expand.
2. Get my supplies organized with the new catalog.
3. Introduce 10 people to Jamberry.

1. Finish the September newspapers.
2. Post some items for sale.
3. Active meal planning and grocery shopping

My inspiration for the goals is Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom.  She wrote Say Goodbye to Survival Mode which I was fortunate enough to review when it was released.

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