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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another angel

The cruelty of Niemann Pick Disease came through in the past 24 hours.

Just before bed I read Chelsea Ingram's blog post about her baby Trek and the abilities he has lost over the past few months.  You can see her post here.

Then mid-morning I saw her latest post - she lost her baby today, just shy of 15 months old.

Trek had Niemann Pick, Type A.  This is the most severe form of the Niemann Pick Diseases.  Many babies don't live to age 2, most are gone by age 3.

The Ingram's choose to live life to it's fullest the past few months - traveling the world.  In Trek's short life he had 4 stamps on his passport and his parents and brothers have a lifetime of memories.

Please take a minute and say a prayer of some type for the Ingram's.  I know they can really use them.


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