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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Odd Things You See

Over the weekend we went out window shopping - not for anything in particular, but mainly just to get out.

We went to a local mall that has an indoor and outdoor section, with several big department stores.  We started in one of the department stores and as we were walking through, I noticed


Now, it is the middle of January, and right now it is about 15 degrees and it is supposed to get colder the next few days.  Why would anyone want a swimsuit????!!!!


While we were walking back to the car, we noticed a bumper sticker - HONK IF YOU HAVE TO POOP.

Ummm....ok.... not exactly what I was thinking would be a good bumper sticker, but whatever....


We drove around the outdoor section of the mall just to see what store/shops were there.  I don't think this was really planned, but there is one entire section that is just food...little coffee shops, 2 bigger name restaurants, a butcher/sandwich shop.  Except for a mattress shop.  Yes, a mattress shop.  Maybe they figure you need a place to sleep after eating all the food???

So anyway, those were three odd things I saw all in a few hours, and all in the same general location.

What interesting or odd things have you seen lately?


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