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Monday, June 17, 2013

5 for Five - Week 24

It's a new week.  That means a new installment of 5 for Five with Jenn and Jessica!  See the blogs participating by clicking on the button below or see my blog hop page.


This was a really bad week but it's tough for me to do much when I don't feel good.

Last week's goals:
1. Read 10 more newspapers. I am on a roll now and hope to keep it going.
         Did this!  Into February
2. Find a new garbage company (and one that hopefully is cheaper!) 
         Nope.  It's only 2 phone calls, but finding time to do them during business hours....
3. Clean up the list of blogs that I follow...have to do this every now and then
          Nope.  But I got them all into BlogLovin so I can read them on my cell phone now.  Hopefully that will make it easier to clean up the list.
4. Write more than this blog entry this week.
          Did this!
5. Making a list of clothes that are in the donation bag (bonus points if I drop the bag off this week).
           Made the list. 

Most of these will be repeats, but hopefully will actually get done this week!

This week's goals:
1. Read newspapers until Feb 14.
2. Call the garbage companies!
3. Write 2 more blog entries.
4. Get rid of the donation clothes.
5. Thin out the blog list.


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