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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another good grocery trip

We all need to eat and we all need to get groceries.  There are a couple of stores that deliver, but I actually enjoy going grocery shopping.  Kind of weird, I know.

But I've had a few good weeks of grocery shopping.  I usually don't go shopping on Sunday because it is usually really, really crowded, but there were a few items on sale this week that I thought may be out of stock by the time I got there later in the week.

So off I went, with Shelby tucked into her Boba/Sleepy wrap and perfectly content to wander the store with me.  It wasn't as crowded as I expected, but it wasn't as empty as I'm used to.  In the end I saved about 50%.  Here is how I did it.

Whole chicken, cut up - $6.52 but had a $3 meat sale coupon on it because it had to be sold by tomorrow (straight into the freezer)
London Broil steak - $6.79 with a $3 meat sale coupon
Bottom Round stead - $10.96 with a $3 meat sale coupon
Hatfield Precooked Ham (3 lbs) - $9.99 on sale (dinner for that night)
Chicken thighs - $4.03 with a $2 meat sale coupon
Chicken drumsticks - $4.46 with a $2 meat sale coupon
Butterball turkey - $14.36 (on sale for $0.99/lb) used $3 coupon with crescent roll and mashed potato purchases
     3 Pillsbury crescent rolls - $2 each on sale with a coupon for $0.50/3 (doubled)
     2 Betty Crocker mashed potatoes - $0.97 each on sale with a coupon for $0.40/2 (doubled)
Pop up turkey timers $1.99 (great to have in the house and this time of year is the only time I can find them)
Yogi Woman's Nursing Tea $4.99 (impulse purchase)
Idahoan Mashed Potatoes - $2.69 with coupon for $1.69 = $1
6 Coffee-mate 32 oz coffee creamers - $2.50 each. Used $1.50/3 and $1/3 coupons
4 store brand 4oz can of mushroom pieces - $0.69 each
3 store brand 8oz can of mushroom pieces - $1.59 each
Kraft Recipe Makers (a meal starter) - $2.99 on sale. Used a digital store coupon for $1 off
Deli ham -$7.20 ($6.99/pound)
Deli American cheese - $5.19 ($4.99/pound)
     (This store allows you to make your deli "order" at a kiosk and then pick it up when it is ready.  It is amazing how many people I saw standing by the deli counter wondering who was next.  I ordered my ham and cheese and then went and did my shopping.  A text message told me it was done and I could pick it up.  So much easier!!!)
Friendly's French Vanilla ice cream - $1.99 on sale (used a store coupon for $1 off ice cream and pie)
    2 Mrs. Smith's Apple Pies - $1.99 each on sale. Used $1/1 and $0.75/1 (doubled)
3 Dole Salad Kits at $2.99 each - used $1 store salad coupon
Store brand potato chips - $2 used a $1.75 digital store coupon (yes chips for $0.25!)
Yams - $0.89 per pound - with coupon became $0.39 per pound
Orange tic tacs (impulse purchase) $3.19
Single bag of M&Ms (needed my chocolate fix) - on sale for $1.25

I used the $10.50 from my last shopping trip and a $6.00 coupon if the order was over $100.  When all was done, I paid $94.27 and saved $89.94!  I don't think this was too bad considering I got a bunch of meat (for which there are almost no coupons!)

I will also get $4.00 from SavingStar ($3.00 for the turkey, $0.50 for the crescent rolls and $0.50 for the mashed potatoes).


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