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Friday, March 28, 2014

Teleworking Benefits

I am incredibly lucky to be able to telework from home one day a week.  Couple that with my oddball work schedule which gives a full weekday off. So I have 3 (non consecutive) weekdays at home every 2 weeks.

I started my oddball work schedule about 18 months before Dan died and I began teleworking 1 day every other week a few months before Dan died but it is nice to now have that 3rd day.

So here are my benefits to teleworking: 

1. Setting the alarm clock 90 minutes later than normal and still start work 30 minutes early.
2. Real adult conversation with my husband.
3. Nursing rather than pumping.
4. Being able to leave the house 10 minutes after my day is done. 

and the best reason...
5. Being there to watch my girl grow up.


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