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Thursday, April 17, 2014

How Paper Can Be Upsetting

Another round of tears tonight.  This time it wasn't Shelby.  It was a piece of paper.

I was doing some cleaning and organizing tonight and came across a credit card statement from our big 3 week trip to Boston Children's when we received Dan's NPC diagnosis in June 2011.

Food: $306.33
Parking: $81.00
Misc items: $84.25 (includes laundry detergent, t-shirts and other assorted items)
Gas: $51.01
Prescriptions: $54.47 (prescribed in Boston, filled in NY, after insurance payment)
Total: $577.06

This does not include lodging for 3 weeks, ATM withdrawals, hospital charges, and other random items.

This is the real cost of having a child with an undiagnosed medical condition.  This is why people have fundraisers - to cover these out of town and unexpected expenses.  This is why parents with children with serious medical conditions can't take vacations.


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