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Monday, March 23, 2015

March Madness Season

It's March...which brings basketball.

For the past few years, Coach Matt Painter at Purdue University has been participating in the ESPN Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge for $100,000.  He supports the Smith Family BReaK Thru Fund.  The Smith family has three children affected with Niemann-Pick Type C, with one already losing his fight.   This year, he won the Challenge!  Thank you to everyone who voted.  Keep an eye out for it next year.

But the Smith family isn't the only family fighting. 

There is another family who lives near me who also is dealing with Niemann Pick Type C.  Their son has become a bit of a local celebrity and has been adopted by one of the local colleges.  Their men's basketball team made it into the March Madness tournament.  Guess who was right there?

Take a look at this story and realize what families go through.  The $100,000 won by Coach Painter will help fund further research into treatments, so maybe kids like JP have a chance at a normal life and maybe, just maybe, be part of March Madness for many years.


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