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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 for 5 - December Week 1

It's Tuesday! (Ok, I'm a day late!) That means a new installment of 5 for Five with Jenn and Jessica!  See the blogs participating by clicking on the button on the left.

So how did I do last week??
1. More awareness activities for Dan's Fundraiser - SUCCESS
             I posted the link to several of my facebook groups and my personal facebook page.
             I wrote letters to lots of local companies asking for donations
             E-mailed a former classmate who has contacts at a local newspaper
             E-mailed some of the other newspapers with the flyer and press release.
2. Read 10 newspapers.- HALFWAY
             I read 6 - getting there I guess.
3. Get 20 minutes of exercise two times this week -FAIL
             Total fail...unless you count running around the elks kitchen on a bingo night exercise...hmm...
4. Make fresh juice at least once this week. - SUCCESS
             I made a pineapple and granny smith drink one evening. mmm....
5. Cook a meal by myself for both of us. - HALFWAY
              I found a recipe, but that is as far as I got....

So what is the plan for this week?
1. Finish preparations for Dan's Fundraiser. I have no choice in this matter - it's Sunday Dec 9.
2. Make fresh juice at least once this week.
3. Read 10 newspapers.
4. Write my two guest blog posts and my one review post (by Wednesday!)
5. Cook a meal once this week...since I have the recipe from last week, might as well use it.


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