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Saturday, December 22, 2012

My other "kids"

I don't talk (well, write) about them often, but I have 2 other "kids" - a cat and a dog.

The cat will be 11 in April and the dog will be 19 in April.

Soon after Dan came home from the hospital, being the protector

 A few years later, the dog is keeping Dan warm


A few years later, Dan sleeping on the dog

This was taken in May 2011, we thought we were losing her but she had eaten a nasty tasting bug.
Dan and the dog always got along...but what dog doesn't love kids??  Table scraps, dropped cookies....

And yes, she looks like a German Shepard but she is short.  She is part terrier, so that explains the short legs.

Dan and the cat never had a good relationship.....

This was about as close as she would get to him.....

Until he got real sick.   Then she became his protector.


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