A blog about the grief after losing a child to Niemann Pick, Type C, a rare disease, and how I'm moving forward with my life.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fundraiser Push

October is National Niemann Pick Disease Awareness Month

This year for October, I am promoting two fundraisers:

1. Create Jewelry in Dan's Memory
This is an Origami Owl fundraiser.  They have some amazing new items, including bracelets.  You don't need to create a locket, you can use the dangles or tags to add to existing necklaces (for guys too!) or to a zipper pull or pocketbook/purse.  If you can't attend, please go to jessicawells.origamiowl.com/shop and create your designs.  Don't forget to select the Niemann Pick Fundraiser Jewelry Bar on the checkout screen!  If you have problems, feel free to contact me using the contact form on the lower right side.  If you are outside the USA, please contact me if you want to order something and I will give you my shipping address and then I will send it to you!

2. Donate in Dan's Memory
Not interested in jewelry?  That's ok!  I have an online donation page for the month of October.  All donations go to the NNPDF for research into treatment and a cure for Niemann Pick Type C.  I have set a goal of $500 in online donations this month.


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